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Jade Garden Hotel Beijing is located in the center of Beijing, with Donghua gate of the Forbidden City in the West and Wangfujing Commercial Street in the East. You can walk 5 minutes to it. You can see Tiananmen Square from a high place, and you can see the houses in Beijing from the window. It takes only 15 minutes to walk.
Cuimingzhuang was built in 1930s. In 1946, cuimingzhuang became the residence of the CPC delegation of the military dispatching department. In 1995, cuimingzhuang was listed as a cultural relic protection unit in Beijing.
It has various styles of guest rooms, with simple or traditional Chinese furniture, various modern facilities, TV with internet function.
Hotel also has business, ticketing, merchandise, fitness, chess, beauty salon, massage and other services. Hotel with superior location, elegant environment, considerate service, sincerely welcome every guest's arrival, is the ideal choice for all guests.
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FAQs when booking at Jade Garden Hotel Beijing
  • How far is the hotel from Capital Airport Beijing?

    Jade Garden Hotel Beijing is 23.2km from the airport.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Jade Garden Hotel Beijing?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Jade Garden Hotel Beijing.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Jade Garden Hotel Beijing accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Jade Garden Hotel Beijing?

    Each costs cny68 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Jade Garden Hotel Beijing?

    The room prices is from cny610, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • wal1226
    The hotel is located in the center of Beijing, with convenient transportation, good room cost performance and convenient business and travel
  • e00082632
    it 's not bad
  • jbabc
    It's good. It's in a good position. It's convenient to travel.
  • e00040514
    Quiet and comfortable
  • cjune
    Although it's far from Tsinghua, it's very convenient to travel nearby
  • allansnail
    The location is good. It's very close to the Forbidden City, Wangfujing and Tiananmen Square
  • fang362201
    First stay; The location of the hotel is very good, just beside Wangfujing. It's OK to take a taxi. Walk to the east gate of the Forbidden City for 5 minutes. I live in the cultural relics administrative room. There are two on the first floor of the third floor. High cost performance - ¥ 630 around Wangfujing is acceptable. The hotel room type is very characteristic of the 1930s / 1940s - I like it. The bathroom is relatively larger than that of ordinary hotels, also jazzuzi! Breakfast OK, Chinese and Western food. I'll check in again when I have a chance. The front desk staff are polite and friendly.
  • Side $ us
    The location of the hotel is very good. It is very convenient to visit the Forbidden City and Wangfujing. The attitude of the waiters is very good. The hotel has a long history. The bathtub in the bathroom is a little broken! There is no feeling of four stars.
  • fragjjoe
    Hotel service attitude needs to be improved! Staff quality is very important! Pay attention to humanized management and treat customers, such as being late to the store. Of course, it's wrong for guests to be late, but they won't be punished!!!
  • Jarod.Li
    The hotel has a good geographical location, close to Wangfujing and high cost performance.
  • tang620
    It's convenient to go to the Forbidden City! not bad
  • e00076773
    The hotel is very close to Wangfujing. The facilities are slightly old, but the sanitation is good. The quality of the hotel staff is good, especially the young man named Shi Peng at the front desk has a good service attitude! Compared with the price of 88 yuan, breakfast is average. The hotel is pretty good overall! Worth staying!
  • csa1t24
    It's really good.
  • llg420
    The location is good. You can go straight along the outer wall to the Forbidden City Tiananmen Square. The waiter's attitude is OK....................
  • tffaus
    not bad
  • asentest
    Very good, clean and convenient transportation
  • celery_xu
    Very good. It's close to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and Wangfujing,
  • rover0910
    The hotel has superior location, convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiter is very friendly and will check in next time.
  • lin215
    The service is still very good, but the facilities are a little old. After all, they are old,
  • luonaonao
    The second time I live here, my baby likes it very much, and the environment is good. Next time I will live here, which is very close to Tiananmen Gate in Wangfujing
  • sugarbeat
    not bad
  • yeyuling
    The hotel is located in the east gate of the Forbidden City, near Wangfujing Street, which is the best choice for traveling
  • amy987
    Nice hotel
  • ericyeon
    The environment is very good. It has the taste of Beijing. It is a hotel worth staying in. The geographical location is also very good. It is next to the Forbidden City and very close to Wangfujing. In short, it is a good residence for home travel in Beijing. Like one
  • Alfredo
  • ericpan1978
    Good, but a little cold.
  • abcedf
    I heard that the environment was OK and breakfast was average. The traffic is quite convenient.
  • cool601
    The location is really good. In the evening, go out and walk a few steps to Wangfujing. There is also a Wangfujing snack street. It is also very convenient to go to the subway station. The facilities are also good. When you live in, you know that this is a hotel with a story. It's good. The buffet breakfast in the morning is also very rich. It's very close to eating some snacks in Beijing, fried noodles and so on
  • sofnon
    After comparing several hotels and comments, the cultural relics protection unit was finally selected, and the results were very satisfactory. Take the airport bus to the terminal Beijing station for more than an hour, and then take a taxi to the hotel for five or six minutes. It's quiet around the hotel. It's only a few minutes' walk from Wangfujing Street. It's also very close to the Forbidden City, Taimiao and other scenic spots. In addition, if you want to eat Qingfeng steamed stuffed bun, you can walk for about ten minutes. You can eat it almost every day. You must order millet porridge, steamed stuffed bun and mustard every day. You really like it. It would be better if the hotel had a free shuttle service. The service of the hotel is very good, which is worth recommending. As soon as we arrived at the door of the hotel, the waiter came to entertain us warmly and put all our luggage in the cart. When we finished the check-in formalities, he led us to the room and explained the usage of room facilities and items one by one. The room is not very big, but it is comfortable. Open the curtains and the sun shines in, bright and warm. Except for some old carpet, others are awesome, but WiFi speed is not very powerful. Beijing is quite dry these days, and the heating in the room is very sufficient. After enduring it for a day, I asked the front desk whether there is a humidifier with a try mentality. As a result, there is. I'm so happy. I feel much better with a humidifier. And the aunt who cleans the room will carefully fill you with water when cleaning the room. This detail is very unforgettable. On the day of departure, the hotel asked the waiter to deliver the luggage and called a taxi to the airport bus. Everything went well. It's a great stay. I'll come back to Beijing if I have the chance.
  • ronron
    The hotel is very downtown, very close to Donghuamen and Wangfujing of the Forbidden City. It's very good, and the breakfast is also very good. Cost effective.
  • dewala1
    it 's not bad
  • cindywong713
    Yes, I have lived in the past. This time, my friend will help me to make a reservation! Just as good
  • Bambina
    The geographical location can be explained. It's worth living. It's a real price... The hotel design ten years ago, if you reproduce the decoration design, it is estimated to burst...
  • bjxl111
    The location of the hotel is good, next to Wangfujing Street. Walk to the back door of the Forbidden City for about 5 minutes, and then take a small sightseeing bus of 2 yuan to the entrance of the Forbidden City for 1 or 2 minutes. There is the imperial temple opposite the Forbidden City. You can walk to Tian'anmen Square not far. Satisfied with the hotel rooms!
  • David69
    This price can live one or four stars in the city center, not bad!
  • e01254028
    The location of the hotel is definitely the best. It's very close to Tiananmen and Wangfujing. If you're new to Beijing, it's worth checking in. It's very close to the main scenic spots. And the hotel itself also has a lot of history, the original military accommodation. The service staff were very friendly. Foreign friends live more
  • foxviper
    Two people 'only give one breakfast' and they didn't eat '', which is inhuman
  • e00342279
    Very good location, good service, great!
  • floraj
    The facilities are relatively general, the geographical location is superior, and the cost performance is good
  • irisj
    Close to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the transportation is very convenient. The price is cheaper than that in the same area and has high cost performance.
  • allysa
    The environment is very good
  • eileenpiao
  • Anygel
    very good
  • applefly8643
    The hotel is well located, very close to Wangfujing, which is very convenient to travel. The transportation is also very convenient. The room is very traditional, clean and hygienic. The facilities are good. I felt that their service was warm and thoughtful, polite and kind.
  • abcgo
    The location of the hotel is very good. It's very close to Tiananmen and Wangfujing, the Forbidden City. It's quiet in the middle of trouble. The internal facilities are also very good. I'll choose it next time
  • cristina1028
    It's quiet and narrow. It's in the center of the city, but it's not convenient to take a taxi. It's OK.
  • lxb444607004
    The geographical environment is good and convenient
  • e00147222
    The location of the hotel is good. It's 5 minutes' walk to the Forbidden City and 15 minutes to Tiananmen Square. It's a historic hotel with old facilities. Ye Jianying and Wang Guangmei have lived here.
  • irenelg
    Not very good?
  • iamtansy
  • areal1214
    It's very convenient to be close to Tiananmen Wangfujing of the Forbidden City
  • glucoseleaf
    The environment and service are very good. It's quiet and convenient to travel.
  • cpulee
    My favorite hotel is very comfortable. The room is not very big, but everything is clean. The hotel is well located, very quiet and quiet. It's very suitable for tourism. I'll stay next time
  • brucesu81
    just so so
  • mable_yang
    Compared with the vicinity of Wangfujing, the price is relatively affordable. The hotel is well located and the supporting facilities are OK. I will patronize again when I have time
  • e00029496
    The location of the hotel is very good, the sanitary conditions and clothing are good.
  • aa19509898
    It's reserved for customers. I don't know the location. If you're going to the National Grand Theater, you'd better live here!
  • batterybuld
    The location is convenient. I think the environment is OK.
  • puddingpearl
    The location is very good, the service is very good, very good reviews
  • ALEE16
    The geographical location is very good, very close to the Forbidden City; It's convenient to take a bus to Dashilan palace; The subway is also nearby; The hotel facilities are slightly old, but the service quality is high. The online order price is OK and the cost performance is high. You must choose this place when you come back to Beijing in the future. Well, friends, don't eat the old Beijing fried noodles set up in the house opposite the hotel. The boss is a copy of Zhang Jizhong. His family's food is a rough word. If you cherish yourself, don't eat his family's rice. Two bowls of fried sauce noodles and one bowl of Wong nap cost 54 yuan.
  • bluemoon211
    Excellent location and high cost performance!!!
  • ice of the caveolin
    not bad
  • MAX Min
    The hotel facilities are a little old and clean. It's very close to the Donghua gate of the Forbidden City, and there are many places to eat around. It's very convenient to walk to Tiananmen for ten minutes, and the bus at the gate can reach Shichahai and the bird's nest.
  • darrenlin
    The hotel is located in the city center with convenient transportation!