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The Jade Garden Hotel (Beijing Cuimingzhuang Binguan) is a 4-star hotel located in popular Wangfujing with all its vibrant shopping,nightlife and dining. It is also close to many of Beijing's best tourist sights such as Tian'anmen Square and the Imperial Summer Palace.For guests who want to look and feel their best,the hotel hosts a fitness center,games rooms,a beauty salon and massage services.

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住客评论 1452条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • jutta520
    It wasn't too bad
  • amoyfu
    Good location, health and relatively clean, moderate averaged 240 Yuan per capita
  • liang1517
    Breakfast service was very good
  • alvin_foo
    Good naozhongqujing, local environmental well
  • blsnow
    Nice location close to Wangfujing Street, the trip preferred bus, pretty far from Metro station, old people and children is not easy. room facilities need to be improved, there is air conditioning seems to be bad, the room is dry
  • liu161169
    Hardware, environment good, next time I go, and likely will stay.
  • sisixm
    All right
  • aiwson
    Other than the old equipment facilities, the other good, recommended
  • joyese11
    Front desk staff were not very good, hotel soundproofing is not feeling very well, voices can be heard in the next room.
  • bone511
    In General can also
  • junwen
    Near Wangfujing at night near a street snack
  • microtaurus2008
    Nice hotel, very high occupancy rates, room no wish to renew the next day.
  • a_aityr
    Very convenient foreigners like
  • Eric3100
    Beautiful location very close to Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is the National Palace Museum
  • MAX Min
    Hotel is a bit old, still relatively clean, very close to the forbidden city Dong Hua men, also many surrounding places to eat, a ten-minute walk to Tiananmen Square, in front of the bus to the shichahai, the bird's nest, is very convenient.
  • xiang1411
    Nice hotel, very close to the forbidden city, on the roadside, but very quiet, eating, and a lot around, go out on the bus station, transportation is very convenient, is not convenient in the past from the airport, need a taxi.
  • lswansui
    From Wangfujing super close, although older hotel, but the facility is very well equipped and clean, service was fast.
  • jejoy
    Great attractions are also nearby, is a good hotel.
  • amt123456
    Business big bed room has a different format than some standard rooms prior to arrival must be good. hotel on the whole quite satisfactory, apart from our geographical location are highlights, but otherwise nothing out of place, is a good choice for the tourist.
  • xiaoxiao036368
    Very good, buffet lunch is not disappointed, accessibility, near the Wangfujing.
  • cjsxj
    Like the environment, located in the downtown area, but exclusive of a retired and quiet, aesthetic, and cultural heritage of the place, and will come again!
  • e01549352
    Hotel location also line, Tung Wah Group of door side Shang, walk to Tiananmen Square and Palace on line, East is Palace Street, supporting facilities feel somewhat rate four star of standard's, only almost reached Samsung comfortable, breakfast standard also no, anyway than Shanghai of Samsung hotel, but price is not your. sat bus to Olin Olympic Park, South drums Xiang are is convenient, away from Tiananmen East and Wangfujing Metro station said truth somewhat far has. walk 15 minutes does, see with Beijing Hotel onNext to the Wangfujing subway really envy Ah!
  • dini854
    Jade Garden of advantages other friends are said has, no longer repeat, he maximum of shortcomings is room in of computer too old, single nuclear CPU half not moving of that, worth 100 Yuan, with with is a torture, if foreigners staying will mocked, hope as soon as possible update computer. most worth praised of is service personnel quality are is high, can patience help guest solution problem, is good.
  • baobang
    Room smaller than expected, bathroom was great, good surrounding environment, away from the Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square is very close
  • tadploe
    Staying in the hotel for the second time, the most recognized of its location, hotel, service and breakfast, came to Beijing to continue staying in.
  • Juillet123
    Forbidden city elections, breakfast very good, rooms are a little bit old, but still very comfortable.
  • daiyidong1223
    Okay, after all, have a big advantage, other
  • wenwu999888777
    Environmental health is good
  • ANL Xiao Huang
    Hotel is near the East Gate of the forbidden city and Wangfujing, Tiananmen Square within 20 minutes on foot, the transportation is convenient.
  • jiangyuyi
    Good location, convenient transportation
  • cpulee
    I like the hotel, very comfortable. rooms are not very big, but health what are clean enough ... good location, quiet, quiet, very suitable for traveling, the next time you stay
  • Logan Lee
    Help a friend booked the hotel, was very close to it. friends staying satisfied. praise!
  • iamadams
    Location is good ... but Wi-Fi is very unstable, very needed to be strengthened. front desk good, but cleaning attendant sense of service needs to be improved!
  • andersonlin
    Again, really nice, good location and quiet
  • bear159
    Actually, four stars is not about Samsung, but lived is a Chinese Communist Party delegation, is also a bit of history, the appearance of traditional architecture, main is the history and culture, the most important thing is near Tiananmen Square.
  • lose1way
    Hotel facilities relatively speaking, very old! the only advantage of distance very close to surrounding attractions, travel more convenient!
  • CappuYip
    Convenient, quiet, location is OK.
  • lily small potatoes
    Traffic is very convenient, health was good, nice!
  • beili_lu
    Near Wangfujing, travel travel, I feel pretty good
  • mm082830
    Good location, not far from everywhere, is prime locations for your next time to stay
  • bird41
    Many times, like
  • youxiaosi
    Good location, quiet, turn to the forbidden city. stayed in deluxe room facilities are complete, but level enough, bathroom design is unreasonable, no hanging clothes
  • jcysx
    Condition is not good, the room facilities are old and musty smell
  • bobotou
    Is MOM and Dad's first Beijing tour, specially the room closest to Tiananmen Square, watching for a long time, to pick the Jade Garden, felt really good. mother says specially arranged at the front desk of the room environment is quiet, floors fine, service was good, next time Beijing tour will continue to come!
  • on-road
    Forbidden City unmatched convenience, bikes can be borrowed free ride
  • pengminl
    Elegant and quiet ... next to the forbidden city, out of ten minutes walk to the forbidden city Dong Hua men.
  • desertrose1
    Very good hotel, convenient, next to a lot of shopping, food is also good, recommended
  • AndrewLi1976
    Location, easy to eat, if we can have better
  • collinsjiung
    Well well well said
  • E02745804
    Third check is nice, good location, convenient, quiet and comfortable, the next opportunity to continue staying in